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Khelega India toh khilega India

Olympic games in Tokyo is set to be flagged off in a day. Though postponed by one year, sports lovers worldwide yet anxiously awaited the magnificence and grandeur of opening/closing ceremony. But it was not bereft of misfortune even this year as terrifying pandemic too had its wings spread on …

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An unique global traffic jam

Our notoriety for no adherence and flagrant violation of traffic rules is an unhidden secret. This, not so dignified notion, satirically transpired  print and social media world over  to  identify Indians, to  alleged  global traffic jam in Suez canal a few months back. A 400 meters long cargo ship ‘Ever …

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 WEEKEND RENDEVOUS: Survival possible with ethics intact assures

A sticker for discipline, upright, efficient, and one who has always lead from the front, 1981 batch  IAS officer Anil Swarup adhered strictly to the Service code of conduct during the 38 years of service. During this period he held various key positions both in the Uttar Pradesh and Union governments. Not …

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Make hay while the sun shines

Sudhir Kumar Teachings and Preachings of ‘turning calamites into opportunities’  had different  shades altogether  until ‘we  the people’ explicitly changed the perspective and the meaning to our convenience, during the severity  of pandemic 2. It ultimately turned out to be proverbial ‘make hay while the sun shines’ in lieu, indeed. …

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Weekend Rendezvous: Travel Influencer wants to help boost domestic tourism

Kulsum Mustafa The heartthrob of millions of Hindi speaking travel enthusiasts, Varun Vagish, in his late thirties, solo, a budget traveler is twenty-first-century travel guru. Solo, budget travel is his forte. The travel blogs on his YouTube channel, Mountain Trekker, sell dreams with details about how to make your travel possible. It …

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Ear to the Ground : Perceptions matter, but reality decides the winner

Ambikanand Sahay With the state assembly elections hardly nine months away, battleground Uttar Pradesh is currently witnessing a fascinating battle between perception and reality. Little wonder then that connoisseurs of politics are having a field day! Yes, perception wise, the ruling BJP appears to be under tremendous pressure for three …

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Poor use of science jeopardies climate lawsuits, finds Oxford University

Dr. Seema Javed  Major oil, coal and gas companies could be held legally responsible for the climate change damages caused by their carbon emissions, according to a study led by Oxford University researchers, published in the journal Nature Climate Change today , on Monday 28 June. Climate change is increasingly a subject for …

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Being patriotic is not being chauvinist

Sudhir Kumar It was like ‘dream shattered’. Unilateral withdrawal of an agreement between India and Iran for the construction & development of Chabahar port in Iran and further laying a 600 km long railway line connecting the port to Zahidan city bordering Afghanistan enabling India easier accessibility to Afghanistan and …

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Over 1 million deaths was avoidable

Dr. Seema Javed A recently published paper in the journal Nature Communications, by an interdisciplinary group of researchers from across the globe has comprehensively examined the sources and health effects of air pollution — not just on a global scale, but also individually for more than 200 countries and sub-national …

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