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Climate change increased temperatures between June and August 2023

Attribution analysis of temperatures in 180 countries finds the hottest northern hemisphere summer in recorded history would have been almost impossible without the influence of carbon pollution . Not one of 180 countries and 22 territories in a Climate Central attribution analysis of global temperatures escaped the influence of climate …

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India & China are emerging as gamechanger of Green Industrial Era

With a large share of countries looking into transforming their economies to reach net-zero emissions or sustainable development in line with the Paris Agreement, the global demand for zero-carbon technologies is rapidly growing. A new report by Strategic Perspectives compares the performance and provides a snapshot of the global race …

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PM ’s visit takes India-US billateral ties to another level

Dr. Seema Javed INDIA HAS been inducted into the Mineral Security Partnership (MSP), a US-led collaboration of 14 countries that aims to catalyse public and private investment in critical mineral supply chains globally. Minerals Security Partnership: The Minerals Security Partnership (MSP) is a global initiative by the US to bolster …

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Study : Climate change made Asia humid heatwaves 30 times more likely

Dr. Seema Javed Human-caused climate change made April’s record-breaking humid heatwave in Bangladesh, India, Laos and Thailand at least 30 times more likely, according to rapid attribution analysis by an international team of leading climate scientists as part of the World Weather Attribution group. The study also concludes that the …

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This content originally appeared on Dissident Voice and was authored by John V. Walsh On February 19, Washington, DC, will witness a protest against the war in Ukraine that marks a sharp departure from past demonstrations. The lead demand is simple and direct, “Not One More Penny for war in Ukraine.” It …

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Nine new countries sign up for Global Offshore Wind Alliance in COP27

COP27 has seen nine new countries including Belgium, Colombia, Germany, Ireland, Japan, the Netherlands, Norway, the UK, the US join the Global Offshore Wind Alliance (GOWA), pledging to a rapid ramp up of offshore wind in order to tackle the climate and energy security crises. The Global Offshore Wind Alliance …

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