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Afghanistan : A journey from Laden to Biden

As Laden was to America in 2001,Biden is to Afghanistan in 2021. Laden caused entire America gasped in shock and fear after devastating attack on world trade center on 9/11 and Biden Administration too likewise, almost 20 years later by hurriedly withdrawing American forces caused Afghanistan gasped in shock and …

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Weekend Rendezvous: Messiah of cleft, burn patients, global fame

Doctors are widely respected as an incarnation of God. They are trained to end human suffering on earth. But there are some, like Plastic surgeon Dr. Subodh Singh, who besides healing through his scalpel is also an ‘activist’ and does work as a good Samaritans outside his operation theatre. The documentary on …

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The shared legacy of Hindu and Muslim communalism against Indian patriotism

Dr. Lenin Raghuwanshi People carry different opinions. A garden appears enchanting from flowers and plants of different hues. For a vibrant and better world, it is imperative to accommodate varied opinions, identify multiplicity of opinions and appreciate divergent views. Debates and discussions are important, yet it should be based on …

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Weekend Rendezvous: Hina’s poetry is all about raising bars

Hina Rizvi Haider- it may not be a very known name on the Urdu Mushairas  circuit, but it sure is a much loved and respected name in the hearts of all those who love reading good Urdu poetry. As a teenager, Hina, started her poetic journey by composing nauhas, (elegies written and recited …

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