Wednesday - 29 May 2024 - 8:33 AM

Reena’s initiative made the village watery

Dr. Utkarsh sinha

The biggest problem of Emilia village was pure drinking water. Residents of Emilia village were facing the problem of drinking water for a long time. Due to depletion of ground water level, water supply in hand pumps was very limited, and the quality of that water was also poor. Because of this, the residents of the village experienced shortage of clean and potable water. Much of the water was bad and impure, causing health problems for local people.

To solve this problem, A local resident Reena came forward and is playing a leading role in solving the drinking water problem for her community. Reena has taken a unique initiative for Emilia, a village located 40 km from Jhansi district of Uttar Pradesh. With the support of Parmarth Samaj Sevi Sansthan, She resolved the problem of drinking water in her village.

Reena has installed 7 water motors in her village, and 65 step stands have been installed. With this initiative, she has provided water supply facility to 300 families. This has solved the drinking water problem of his village, and now water from the Jal Jeevan Mission of the government is also available there. However, water supply from Jal Jeevan Mission is still once a day. Reena Ahirwar has now become a source of inspiration for the villagers.

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Apart from this, Reena has contributed Shramdaan in the Model Pond in her village, from which 3 feet of soil has been removed. Due to this work, the pond has been deepened and its water level has increased. This initiative of Reena Ahirwar is providing new direction in the development of the village and she is considered as a respectable leader of the community.

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