Wednesday - 29 May 2024 - 8:37 AM

Access to Information changed the Life of Villagers

Dr. Utkarsh Sinha

Few years ago anything was not as easy and smooth in Dhikauli village, located about 22 kilometers from the headquarters of Jhansi, as it is today. Due to excessive dependence on farming and lack of other sources of income, the struggle in the lives of the villagers was increasing every day.

Rajkumar Dubey is one among them; farming and milk trading are the main source of livelihood of his family. Like other farmers of the village, Raj kumar was also very worried because the yield from farming was low, good seeds were not available and there were no other means of employment. Due to lack of  proper facilities for irrigation, crops often got spoiled and the yield was less than expected.

Meanwhile, the workers of the Parmarth Samajsevi Sansthan visited  the village, They met the village residents. Raj Kumar explained all the problems. He wanted to do something in his village but he was not able to understand what and how to do? After meeting the Parmarth team, he developed a desire to do something. Impressed by the leadership skills, he was given training by the organization and information about various types of schemes.

The information brought a lot of changes in the life of Raj Kumar. He provided improved seeds to the farmers in his village and also contacted Rani Lakshmi Bai Agricultural University and Agriculture Department to provide them training and got the seeds distributed. Gradually his contact and awareness campaign with the people of the village bore fruit and with the help of the organization, he got sewing machines for 20 women, through which the women now do their own employment.

The people of the village did not have any means to go to work as labourers, they were provided 20 bicycles by the Labor Department and a pond was built in the village under the Atal Ground Water Scheme for irrigation. This pond was built on approximately 80 acres, its deepening and outlet were also made.

Check dam was constructed which benefited about 150 farmers, production in farming started increasing and it became a source of employment, awareness came among women. Apart from this, Rajkumar formed Pani Panchayat Committee and Poshan Panchayat Committee in his village, got a kitchen garden established and also keeps making the village people aware about cleanliness.

Rajkumar now helps the villagers not only in his own village but also in the surrounding villages. When there is any problem, he contacts the Parmarth workers and then joins them with the same enthusiasm and passion which leads to success in their work.

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